As the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture of Tripoli and North Lebanon, I want to emphasize the evolving role of chambers of commerce in today’s economic landscape. With the changing global economic system, our focus has shifted beyond mere exchange of goods and services. The realm of competition and innovation has expanded to include major markets, necessitating our active involvement in developing economic and social policies to foster comprehensive national development.

The Chamber, with a history spanning 150 years, has grown to become a vital component of the national economy. We firmly believe that our participatory role rests on careful planning and analysis to ensure our success in supporting Lebanon, the region, and the world through launching projects that address the needs of nations, regions, and global economies in the Eastern Mediterranean.

At the core of our decision-making process is the utilization of knowledge and technology to build a stronger economy. Collaborating with countries and organizations, we strive to implement sustainable development initiatives that enhance the overall economic cycle and contribute to global peace and security. A smart economy, rooted in justice, actively aids in diminishing conflicts and propels the world towards peace, progress, construction, and prosperity.

Toufic Dabbousi