Arbitration centers in Chambers of Commerce have become a widespread phenomenon in all countries and the essential purpose of the establishment of these legal centers is to accelerate solving disputes and differences between different business segments, they are designed to meet the needs of citizens and contribute to resolving the problem of slow litigation; they also contribute in the development of commercial transactions and accelerate growth in an atmosphere of trust  and consolidation among businessmen away from freezing assets and waste of time; they also provide litigation by former judges and legal experts renowned for their capacity, ethics and integrity.
Arbitration is the judiciary of the future; it has already become granted within the business and legal communities because of substantial confidence of what arbitration centers enjoy in terms of saving time and cost, hence the Reconciliation and Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Tripoli and the North, second in place in Lebanon after the Lebanese Center for Arbitration established by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon.


Processing Conflicts in ordinary courts is slow and costly which hinders commercial exchange and economic growth, thus the establishment of this arbitration center for fair, expeditious and inexpensive procedures.

Centre’s objectives: