Role, Functions and Services

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli and North Lebanon

It is a public utility institution, a member of the Lebanese Federation of Chambers of Commerce.
Established according to the Decree No. 36/67, the chamber deals with all economic affairs and sponsors the interests of companies and entrepreneurs in trade, industry, or agriculture.
It plays a leading role in the Lebanese national economy through lobbying the highest interests of the private sector. It has about 20,000 affiliates who renew membership at a rate of 7,000 annually.
It carries out all the tasks entrusted to it and procedures specified under regulations and applicable laws:

What is worth pointing out is that the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli and North Lebanon

Recorded Growth and Exceeded the Traditional Services

that were previously limited to ratification of certificates of origin and transactions and offers now a wide spectrum of quality services to economic bodies with all their components to strengthen their activities, and to develop their projects and to cope with the challenges of economic development in the modern world, in order to be able to face the fierce competition laid by the economic globalization systems…
Therefore if you are an individual, a company owner, a factory, a cooperative, a small or a medium-sized enterprise, the Chamber is here to help you reach your goals in developing your business projects and assure continuity starting from legal establishment and registration in order to take advantage of:

Mutual Fund

Covers any illnesses, supports fundamental cost of implants and offers coverage till the age of 75.

Business Development

Provides a variety of services for businesses and entrepreneurs, particularly in the early stages.


Driving economic development with impactful projects.