Bills Ratification of Lebanese Origin

A. If the exporter (trader or a company) is the manufacturer:

  • The factory must be registered at the Ministry of Industry
  • The invoice to be certified by the Ministry of Industry.
  • The Manufactured goods to be listed on the Industrial certificate saved at the Chamber.
  • Factory Inspection to be conducted by the Chamber when necessary.

B. If the exporter is a trader or a company but is not the manufacturer:

To attach with the exporter’s invoice (trader or company) the sale invoice from the manufacturer plant to the exporter (trader or company) that includes the conditions set in the above segment.

C. For agricultural goods or livestock products:

  • The exporter’s invoice (trader or company) is to be certified by the Ministry of Agriculture                
  • Or to attach with the exporter’s invoice (trader or company) the sale invoice from (trader or company) certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.

D. For naturally derived materials:

to enclose with the exporter’s invoice a record of the origin of goods from the province Mayor or Municipality (rocks or untreated natural stones not  handled by electric saws).

Export of goods of foreign origin terms and conditions

1. If the importer (trader or company) is the exporter (trader or company):
to attach with the exporter’s invoice an original certificate of origin from the exporter country that includes products to be exported in the exporter’s name (trader or company)

2. If the exporter (trader or company) is not the importer (trader or company):
To attach with the exporter’s invoice (trader or company):

  • Import Sale invoice (trader or company)
  • An Original certificate of origin in the importer’s name (trader or Company).

* In the case of long used industrial equipment export that lost its own certificate of origin, the Chamber can inspect that equipment to determine its origin based on the affixed and /or imprinted stickers and labels.

Signature ratification
Ratification signature of sole / individual trader registered at the Chamber and the authorized signatories for companies of different kinds.

To possess – trader or company – commercial liability that enables carrying out the contents of the guarantee.