Honey Collection and Filling Section

Lebanon boasts a thriving honey industry, fueled by the rich tapestry of its plant life and varied climate. With over 2,800 varieties of herbal, medicinal, and aromatic plants, Lebanon produces a symphony of natural honey flavors.

A Honey for Every Season

  • Coastal Spring Symphony:
    • Lemon Blossom Honey: Delicate and floral, this honey captures the essence of springtime citrus.
    • Eucalyptus Honey: Offering a bold and medicinal aroma, eucalyptus honey is known for its soothing properties.
  • Spring Jardi’s Multi-Floral Delight: Bursting with the essence of Lebanon’s diverse spring flora, this honey offers a complex and delightful taste.
  • Summer’s Thistle Treat: The thistle flower infuses honey with a unique and slightly sweet flavor, perfect for summer enjoyment.
  • Oak Honey: A Dark Gem
    • Oak honey, harvested from the oak tree, stands out for its dark color and exceptional quality.
    • Unlike flower honey (with a sugar content of around 65%), oak honey boasts a lower sugar content (around 45%), making it a unique choice.

Combating Honey Adulteration: The Tripoli Chamber Takes a Stand

Honey adulteration, a concern for consumers worldwide, can involve practices like heating to reverse freezing. It’s important to note that freezing is a natural phenomenon for flower honey, while oak honey remains unfrozen. Unethical producers might try to conceal this by resorting to heating, which unfortunately destroys valuable vitamins and enzymes in honey.

Recognizing this issue, the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce, through the IDRAC Center, established a specialized department. This department serves a two-fold purpose:

  1. Supporting Beekeepers and Honey Producers: The department empowers beekeepers and honey producers with the resources they need to thrive.
  2. Building Consumer Confidence: The department fosters trust between consumers and honey vendors by implementing a rigorous quality control process.

Unveiling Purity: The Honey Processing Section

The specialized section features stainless steel containers where honey is collected, thoroughly mixed, and meticulously sampled. These samples are then sent to the Quality Control Center laboratories for comprehensive analysis, ensuring 100% natural honey.

If the honey passes the test, the beekeeper has two options:

  1. Full Takeover: The beekeeper can choose to take back the entire honey batch for personal use or disposal.
  2. Packaging and Certification: The honey can be packaged within the designated section, following strict quality control measures.

Once bottled, the beekeeper receives:

  • Quality Seal: A seal from the Chamber’s laboratories, signifying the honey’s authenticity.
  • QR Code: A unique QR code that empowers consumers. By scanning this code with a smartphone, consumers can access the laboratory results for their specific honey purchase, ensuring complete transparency.

Benefits for All: From Beekeeper to Consumer

The Tripoli Chamber’s honey processing section caters to a broad spectrum of individuals:

  • Merchants: Established merchants can leverage this section to source reliable honey at competitive prices.
  • Startups and Businessmen: Aspiring entrepreneurs can enter the honey sector with confidence, knowing they have access to top-notch processing and packaging facilities.
  • Beekeepers: Beekeepers benefit from invaluable support, from honey inspection to packaging.

This initiative empowers businesses to sell high-quality honey locally or export it, bolstered by:

  • Certificate of Origin: Issued by the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce, verifying the honey’s Lebanese provenance.
  • Quality Certificate: Provided by the laboratory, along with the quality seal and QR code, guaranteeing authenticity.

The Tripoli Chamber’s honey processing section fosters a win-win situation for beekeepers, businesses, and ultimately, honey lovers who can enjoy pure, natural Lebanese honey.


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